DTC Connection - 23 February 2011

The earthquake in Christchurch early yesterday afternoon has had a devastating impact on a community still recovering from an earthquake just a few months ago. Yesterday's event has resulted in significant loss of life, widespread injury, and major infrastructure and property damage.

The conditions in Christchurch are extremely challenging:
â-º    Rescue efforts are still underway and that is the priority activity
â-º    Mobile communications are severely impacted with requests for limited use of mobile phones
â-º    Land lines and internet access are not available in some areas or are experiencing overload
â-º    The main form of communication is currently text messaging
â-º    Roads are closed and there are large areas without power
â-º    Major debris, uprising silt and sewerage are throughout the area
â-º    Water supplies are being restricted to drinking use only

Despite the challenging conditions, EAP services are available and being provided in New Zealand, and from Australia. The Emergency Support Response Plan was enabled immediately yesterday and our team in Christchurch are this morning assessing how to best provide support given the logistical difficulties. Additional professional staff are arriving in Christchurch early this morning to provide the required support.

Our New Zealand national EAP number - 0800 327 669 - remains open 24 hours however may be impacted by the telecommunications system overload being experienced. If you have employees you want to support or are experiencing difficulty getting access in New Zealand please call us directly in Australia to discuss.

For emergency contact numbers in New Zealand and regular updates on conditions please visit the Canterbury Earthquake Site.
For anyone in Australia concerned about family or friends please call the DFAT Hotline on 1300 555 135

The past few months have presented a relentless series of events that challenge our resilience, our sense of security and safety, and our overall wellbeing. Many in our community have been directly impacted and many more are providing care and support following events they did not imagine possible. This is a critical time to be alert to the wellbeing of everyone in your team. If you need any assistance please call us for support.

Michele Grow
Chief Executive Officer
Davidson Trahaire Corpsych
E:      mgrow@davcorp.com.au
T:      +61 2 8295 2230
M:      +61 418 210 875