DTC Connection - February 2013

Resilience is our individual ability to cope with stress and adversity. Resilience is not a trait but rather a process, and it is possible for everyone to build their resilience. We live in a changing world, and our ability to bounce back from challenge and adversity is more important than it has ever been. These articles provide information and strategies for building resilience.

pdf iconBuilding Resilience

pdf iconEmotional Resilience at Work


How good is your problem solving? Ok at work, but much harder when it comes to managing personal issues? This article on structured problem solving might help you to effectively work through problems more effectively and successfully.

pdf iconStructured Problem Solving


Trust is the foundation on which relationships are built and is important in your personal relationships and in the workplace. This article provides tips for building trust with and within your team.

pdf iconTrust is a Powerful Asset


Was one of your New Year resolutions to go on a diet? Read these articles on fad diets and sugar intake to help you plan a more nutritious and sustainable long-term weight management approach

pdf iconSpringboard - Away with the Fad!

pdf iconSpringboard - No Added Sugar


There are many aspects to achieving good physical health. These articles on heart health and bone health provide you with tips to improve both

pdf iconSpringboard - Ten Steps to a Healthier Heart

pdf iconSpringboard - Wake Up Your Bones!


Mental Health News

While you are thinking about your physical health - did you know that exercise can have a beneficial impact on our mental wellbeing? This article might help you overcome some of the barriers to exercise

pdf iconExercise and Mental Health


These two information sheets, courtesy of beyondblue, are useful in helping to understand depression and be aware of the practical DOs and DON'Ts

pdf iconbeyondblue Understanding Depression - Information for Adults

pdf iconbeyondblue Practical Ways to Help Someone with Depression


Concerned about the mental health risk in your workplace? DTC will be running a series of the beyondblue National Workplace Training programs as public courses throughout 2013. Here is the full schedule or call our Mental Wellbeing@Work™ team on 1300 134 644 for other solutions

pdf iconBeyondblue NWP Public Sessions 2013