DTC Connection - September 2013

You're familiar with stress, right? You've felt it, suffered with it and maybe even bonded with other people over it. But have you ever asked yourself the question, what actually is stress? Where does it stem from? And how do you even recognise it? This article offers strategies on what you can do to cope.

pdf iconUnderstanding and dealing with stress

In our lives, change is inevitable. Be that change-for-the-better or change-for-the-worse, the impact of change can be profound - not only on ourselves, but to those close to us. This article addresses how we firstly can help prepare for change and then go on to effectively cope through it.

pdf iconDealing with Change

Customer-facing workers are well aware that being at the "coal face" of a job may mean that from time to time they are confronted with difficult customers. But while this is a standard for these types of workers, just how standard is it for employers to equip them with the resources to, firstly, understand difficult customer behaviour and secondly, to handle it effectively? The following article explores best methods for dealing with difficult customers.

pdf iconDealing with difficult customer behaviour 



R U OK? Day Resources

For the full range of R U OK? Day resources, videos and information please visit the 2013 R U OK? Day site at www.ruokday.com


R U OK? Conversation Poster - a handy item for any cafeteria, notice board or display area to walk you through the simple steps of asking, "are you ok?"

pdf iconR U OK? Conversation Poster


R U OK? presentation - how to ask the question. This click-through Powerpoint presentation gives ideas on how to approach someone to ask, "are you ok?" and provides examples of how you can respond to a friend in crisis.

PowerpointR U OK? presentation - how to ask the question



Mental Health News

You might be surprised to learn that roughly 25,000 people per year in Australia are admitted to hospital each year as a result of self-harming. But what is this curious practice and what can we do to assist someone in our lives who self-harms? This article offers some advice.

pdf iconSelf-harming behaviour


For the full list of our free beyondblue public training sessions "Manager Awareness impact and action: mental health in the workplace", take a look at the flyer below.

pdf iconbeyondblue sessions flyer


These resources on suicide are provided courtesy of SANE Australia:

pdf iconSane Australia - Suicidal behaviour
pdf iconSane Australia - Suicide Prevention and Recovery Guide
pdf iconSane Australia - Has someone close to you died by suicide?
pdf iconSane Australia - Is someone close to you bereaved by suicide?
mp3 iconPodcast - Sane Australia - how to help when someone is suicidal