'online assistance and support with work and life issues - anywhere, any time'

eapdirect® is a secure online platform that provides information across the range of issues we face in life.

eapdirect® has hundreds of articles on topics ranging from relationships and family management through to workplace challenges and parenting. In addition, there are interactive self-assessments covering areas such as conflict, drug and alcohol use and communication skills, as well as videos, podcasts, and infographics and a suite of financial learning games and modules, with new resources added monthly.

eapdirect® provides for secure, confidential online EAP counselling, online managerAssist® and online moneyAssist™. This is not a chat room style, but rather individual, professional advice and coaching that is completely confidential for your managers, employees and their families.

An organisational password is required to access eapdirect® and you then set your own personalised and secure password access. Individual log ins can be created by you and each member of your family. If you need information on the password for your organisation please contact your EAP Manager internally.